Pro Zero

Already established as a lower-price alternative through its direct-to-consumer approach, Vice now is offering a fourth urethane-cover model that uses an even less-expensive thermoplastic-urethane-cover (TPU) manufacturing process – and thus a price more like what you would see for some two-piece distance balls. That allows this design to promote more distance for average swings (it targets players with a swing speed of about 95 miles per hour, or about the middle of the road for typical male golfers) through a firmer compression than the cast urethane Pro and Pro Soft models. Using urethane in the cover allows it to combine with the softer mantle layer to produce better short-game spin than golf balls with non-urethane covers.

The TPU cover also is designed for increased durability, another benefit for average golfers who not only have to pay for their golf balls but tend to hit more cartpaths and trees than other players do. The 344-dimple pattern is designed to produce a slightly higher but stable ball flight even in windy conditions. It’s even more affordable with bulk orders, too. 

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