Vice might easily stand as the most entertaining of golf-ball brands. With cover colours, textures and lifestyle accessories that span the rainbow, including a one-of-a-kind “Drip” paint pattern, it might be easy to overlook the serious work behind this most-complete family. Each model is designed to optimise distance, spin and feel for three swing-speed groups through distinct constructions, including dual mantles on the Pro Plus. All are highlighted by a durable cast urethane cover to maximise short-shot spin.

Is it for you?

Pro: The most versatile in the line-up, it’s the highest spinning ball off short shots of the three. The ball is designed for swing speeds of 95 to 110 miles per hour.

Pro plus: The packaging recommends that it’s geared to players with swing speeds near the PGA Tour standard. Still, average swingers looking for all-out distance, a firmer feel and wedge spin might like it. 

Pro soft: It’s 30 compression points softer than the Pro Plus and made for those who rarely drive it more than 180 metres.

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