Tour Response

You don’t have to watch a lot of 300-metre drives to realise that tour players are different from you. But you also don’t have to be able to swing 130 miles per hour to hit a decent chip shot that checks instead of bounding off the green like a superball springing down your driveway.

That’s what a urethane cover can do (and, let’s face it, no ball is going to let you hit it 300).

That’s the mission of the Tour Response: to give average golfers the same kind of cast urethane-cover construction that TaylorMade’s big-bombing tour staff takes advantage of on their short shots. The difference is that the Tour Response’s softer compression feels better
to the swing speeds of average golfers.

The even bigger takeaway for average golfers is that the Tour Response’s three-piece construction provides the right mix of low-spin on long shots and high spin on short shots. It’s also more affordable to manufacture than the five-layer construction of the company’s tour balls and therefore cheaper. 

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