These two balls ask golfers to decide which shot on every hole is most important to them. The answer leads to a ball and a specific technology designed to enhance that shot.

The XV model is built for high-speed distance thanks to a dual-core structure that receives a special heat treatment that allows the outer core to be more energetic without adding a harsher feel at impact.

The standard Z-Star is designed for players who crave more spin around the greens. Its key is a slightly thicker (one-tenth of a millimetre) cover for a softer feel and more spin control on short irons and wedges. Still, for all those specific attributes, each ball accommodates the rest of your needs. The larger core on the Z-Star aids ball speed, and the ultra-thin cover on the XV features a spin-enhancing “super polymer” coating that creates the potential for more bite in the grooves of your wedges, even on shots from the rough. The updated dimple pattern targets better performance in windy conditions.

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