Q-Star Tour

Don’t let the name fool you. This ball isn’t for tour players. It’s for you. Although you’re not on tour, you want a ball with the same short-game spin control that tour players have. This ball adopts many of those spin-enhancing technologies from Srixon’s line of tour balls (including a thin, thermoplastic urethane cover) and adds a softer-feeling construction to better align with average-golfer swing speeds.

The extra-large core’s transition from a very soft centre to a progressively firmer outer region combines with a spin-reducing mantle layer to promote distance off the driver and full-swing clubs. Those cover technologies include the same special coating developed for the tour models. Called “slide ring material”, it’s designed to improve the molecular bonds in the urethane cover to help it better engage with a wedge for more spin on short shots.

The new core design is larger, too, which means more energy potential for golfers with slower swing speeds who need the most help with distance. Even more assistance comes with the new Divide version. Its cover is evenly split into two colours (the pigment is not painted but infused into the urethane), offering an alignment guide but also setting a visual cue that shows whether the ball is spinning and rolling optimally. 

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