Snell golf balls have used the company’s direct-to-consumer platform to develop and tweak designs that reflect the needs of average golfers by listening to and learning from their online comments. Besides, as company founder and designer Dean Snell, a proven engineer at the top of design teams at Titleist and TaylorMade over the years, likes to say, “Having Dustin Johnson tell me he needs more or less spin on his 8-iron shot is not going to help me design a ball for everyday golfers.”

These balls embody Snell’s belief in the benefits of a multilayer design with a cast-urethane cover, but they also offer two distinct alternatives: the MTB-X uses a soft yet smaller core with a thick, firmer mantle for more long-game speed and distance and more spin on iron shots. The original MTB Black is also a three-piece design but uses a softer mantle for a cushier feel and more controlled mid and longer-iron spin for the flatter trajectory better players desire. Both balls use a low-drag 360-dimple pattern for a flight that resists ballooning in the wind.

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