RB Tour

Mizuno waited 113 years to establish its golf-ball business in the United States, so you can imagine the thinking process went beyond just doing what everyone else is doing. Of course, this two-ball line does adopt the industry standards of a multilayer construction and a urethane cover, including a dual core on both models. Like other balls, those attributes combine to provide distance and low spin off full-swing shots with high spin on short-game shots.

However, the Mizuno engineering team, which benefits from a global sporting-goods focus, took advantage of its in-house aerodynamics studies to rethink the dimple patterns on these balls. The 12-year study produced a new design, a cone-shape C-Dimple, which creates more trigger points to keep fast flowing air close to the ball’s surface during the initial launch when the ball is moving its fastest. That reduces aerodynamic drag and makes for a more consistent, penetrating flight.

Adding to the inventiveness, the choice of which model to play isn’t left to a scattering of chip shots or tee balls. Rather, the company’s club-fitting system, which identifies the proper shaft after a few swings, can also determine which of the two balls is the best option for you based on those same swings.

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