Chrome Soft

Most families of multilayer balls with urethane covers are similar, with minor tweaks to thickness or firmness. But to Callaway, different players need fundamentally different designs. That’s why the guts of Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X are as different from each other as balls from two different brands. The Chrome Soft is for the vast majority of swing types and speeds and has a dual core in which two rubber formulas of differing firmness and size make up an inner and outer core. Overall it maintains a softer compression for more forgiveness on mis-hits.

But the Chrome Soft X targets higher swing speeds and has a significantly larger single core (for better energy transfer) and two mantle layers to control spin through the bag.

The new X-LS model adopts the same construction as the X ball but targets consistent ball-strikers who want even less spin with higher launch on all their long clubs. A new, thinner urethane cover on each model leaves more volume to the energetic core and mantle layers.                    

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