[PHOTO: Brian Morgan]

Imagine Hal Sutton’s surprise and dismay when he was leafing through the PGA of America’s magazine and discovered… he had died. To the contrary, Sutton, as he noted for everyone on an X (formerly Twitter), is alive and working.

“Just a correction, the PGA magazine put me in there [sic] obituaries as having passed away January 19th,” wrote the 65-year-old Sutton. “I didn’t and I’m alive and well. Just putting the finishing touches on Darmor Club before our opening June 1. Thanks to all who have checked up on me.”

Much discussion about the mistake ensued in the post’s comments, with Sutton noting that the golf world did lose a significant figure on January 19 – Jack Burke Jnr, who died at 100.

The error is all the more interesting because Sutton has been a notable person in PGA of America history. The only major he captured was the 1983 PGA Championship at Riviera Country Club, and the Louisianan captained the 2004 US Ryder Cup team in its loss at Oakland Hills.

Former PGA Tour pro John Maginnes responded to Sutton’s post, writing: “I missed that report thank goodness… Glad you’re doing well.”

Another former tour competitor, Mark Lye, said, “Damn Hal!!! Who the heck is responsible for that???”

“I don’t know,” Sutton replied, “but it was a reminder to be grateful for life. A lot of people checked on me, so I was thankful for that.”