The first and 18th holes at the Old Course is a magical stretch of golf, but also one that provides plenty of pressure. It’s common to have pretty big galleries watching golfers start and finish their rounds there—even if they’re not named Harry Styles. Plus, there’s all the history. Oh, the history.

Legends like Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, and (gulp) Tiger Woods have gotten memorable final sendoffs there. So it’s a truly special spot. And you couldn’t pick a better place to shoot the round of your life.

And thus we get to the star of today’s saga. A regular golfer shared a video on reddit claiming he needed birdie on the final hole to shoot a career-best score (Nice!). But he walked away crushed—after crushing his final approach over the green and onto the street (Ouch!). Have a look:

“All I needed was a birdie on the 18th hole to shoot my career low (-5, 67) at the Old Course, and then all my hopes and dreams were crushed by a bladed wedge. Bounced on the road a few times and did not come back.” by u/thedormgolfer in golf

Brutal. After hitting his second from close range out of bounds on the easy closing par 4, he would have had to get up and down from the same spot just to make bogey.

Hey, it happens—espcially with the firm turf over there. But, yeah, that’s a tough finish. However, it’s also one heckuva sneaky humblebrag. This dude can obviously a great golfer in his own right—and now a lot of people know it following this video going viral.

Besides, playing a round at THE Home of Golf can never really be viewed as a bad result. Well, provided this guy didn’t hit anyone or any cars and isn’t getting sued, that is.