By Joel Beall – Golf Digest US
One of my social media pet peeves is it’s growing contingent of narcissism. Instead of a forum for idea generation or engaging dialogue, the medium’s become a “Look at me! Look at me!” arms race of documenting the most insignificant, trivial aspects of life.

So when I see such action epically backfire, you’ll have to excuse my sense of schadenfreude.

The video below is titled “First Shot with new GoPro.” Spoiler alert: it should have been named “My First — and Last — shot with new GoPro.”

This further cements my argument that taking more than one practice swing leads to nothing but trouble. Also, why the hell wasn’t the camera behind or to the side of his address?

Either way, congrats, my friend. You could have played Pebble Beach for the dollar amount you dropped on a product that lasted all of one shot.