If you don’t like stray golf balls (and the stray owners of them) in your yard, or the unfortunate possibility of a golf ball hitting your house, we’d strongly suggest you do not buy a house on a golf course. To most people, this is common sense.

To some, though, it’s not. People buy houses on golf courses anyway and act surprised when someone wanders into their yard looking for their Noodle 2. We understand not wanting strangers on your property, but again, when you decide to live on a golf course, you are assuming some risk.

The homeowner in a video currently going viral on Golf Twitter obviously didn’t understand that when he purchased his home, which, in a shock to us, has made us side with a mouthy teenager sitting behind the camera capturing an argument between his group and the homeowner. Normally, we’d say damn you kids filming everything and being disrespectful to your elders, but this young lad makes some strong points:

One thing we should say is we have no idea of what was said / happened before this video. Context is everything. Is it possible this group was saying some wildly disrespectful things to this shirtless homeowner before the camera started rolling, causing this guy to lose his mind? Absolutely possible. It’s also possible that one of the members of this group was innocently looking for his ball in the guy’s yard and the guy overreacted.

At the end of the day, though, the cameraman’s point is the most spot-on point in the video: mate, you live on a golf course. You can’t start threatening people and saying “s— my d—” when a golfer on a golf course is looking for his golf ball. If you are that uptight about it, put up a sign that says “GET OFF MY LAWN” with a picture of Clint Eastwood on it and maybe people would stay off it. Or, have some fun with it like this legend did: