GolfBuddy WT5
Feature-rich golf GPS watch
GolfBuddy’s wearable GPS takes you one step further with a slimmer design and a more comfortable fit to your wrist than its previous model. Fully utilise Dynamic Green View and moveable pin placement features with simple press-and-hold buttons. The GolfBuddy WT5 is a fully functional digital wristwatch with a rechargeable battery. RRP – $299.95

GolfBuddy CT2
GolfBuddy CT2

GolfBuddy CT2 Compact Pocket GPS
The GolfBuddy CT2 has a versatile design that fits in pockets, clips onto belts, clothing, towel rings, or any other part of your golf gear. The CT2 comes with a full range of functions including Hazards, GPS Tracking, Dynamic Green Pin Placement, Auto Course/Hole Recognition. It also comes pre-loaded with GolfBuddy’s entire Course Library of over 38,000 golf courses. It has a waterproof casing and is available in White/Blue or White/Lime. RRP $219.95

GolfBuddy VS4
GolfBuddy VS4

GolfBuddy VS4
EASY-TO-USE Talking GPS With Versatility

Introducing the newest addition to the GolfBuddy Voice line, the VS4. The VS4 is a simple distance measuring device. With one click of a button, you can hear the distance to the front/centre/back of the green. The VS4 also displays the distances on the LCD screen if you prefer not to use the Voice function. The versatile VS4 can be used to clip on your cap or belt. Use the optional accessories to wear it on your wrist or attach to your gear with the retractable clip.

The GolfBuddy VS4 is available in White or Black and is the choice for those who just want basic information, delivered to you in the simplest way..

Key Features
• Simple audio distance measuring device
• Distance to front/centre/back of the green
• Attachable to clip, wristband or retractable cord for versatility.
• Water Resistant

Additional Features
No fees ever
• Preloaded with 38,000+ global courses
• Dynamic Green View
• Automatic course & hole recognition
• Shot distance measurement
• 10 hour battery life

RRP – $219.95


GolfBuddy PT4
GolfBuddy PT4

PT4 – Premium Touchscreen Full Function GPS Rangefinder
The new GolfBuddy PT4 touchscreen has been upgraded from a pressure based touch screen to a capacitive touch screen – the new TouchSwipe screen enables taps and gestures to be even more responsive, just like your smartphone. The 4” LCD touchscreen, precisely measures the distance to any target, as well as shot distance measurement.

The PT4 is loaded with a variety of new and hallmarked GolfBuddy features.

These include:
• Slim body design
• New user interface with capacitive touch control
• Easy scoring feature
• Dynamic Green View: distances always directly from the golfer’s angle of approach
• Moveable pin placement
• Automatic course and hole recognition
• Digital, interactive scoreboard and tracking module (up to 4 players)

While segmented into the handheld category, the PT4 is wearable and is sold with a clip which can be attached to a belt or golf bag. The re-chargeable lithium battery lasts up to 10 hours, giving players up to two full rounds of use on a single charge.

As with all GolfBuddy GPS products, the PT4 is 100% fee-free with no annual subscriptions or course download charges to pay after purchase. Complete with over 38,000 pre-loaded global courses, the PT4 has set the new standard in the handheld golf GPS category.

RRP – $599.95

GolfBuddy LR5
GolfBuddy LR5

GolfBuddy LR5
Compact & easy-to-use laser rangefinder

The LR5 is a compact and easy-to-use device weighing just under 200 grams and features three different scan modes – standard, scan and pin, with the scan and pin modes easily operated with just one click.

RRP – $399.95

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