Back pain is an ailment that comes for many golfers, in varying degrees. If you’re experiencing back pain, the best option is to see a doctor. But if your back pain is relatively mild, these stretches from Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Trainer Jennifer Fleischer could help. Fleischer says that tight hip flexors and limited mid-back mobility puts stress on the lower back, which causes pain. If you’re able to become more flexible through your hip flexors and mid-back, you might just find your lower-back pain subside.

Fleischer recommends these two stretches to increase hip flexor and mid-back mobility.

To do this first dynamic stretch, get into a lunge position, with your left leg planted in front and your right leg extended behind you. Plant your right hand in line with your left foot, shoulder distance away from that foot. Put your right hand behind your head, elbow pointed out. Rotate your torso so that your elbow points up towards the sky, then back towards the ground.

Do two sets of eight reps, then switch sides.

Try this yoga pose for improved stability in your golf swing

Get your legs in that lunge position again, this time with your back knee resting on the ground. Keep your torso upright and extend your arms out in front of your. Leave your right arm outstretched while pulling the left along it, to your upper chest, turning your torso as the left hand comes to the left shoulder. Return the left hand to the right, and do two sets of eight reps. Then switch sides.

“Give them a try before the round if you’ve been sitting at your desk all week, or after your round to help boost your recovery and reduce soreness through your lower back,” Fleischer says.