[IMAGE: Hunter Martin]

In case you weren’t aware, it’s Joel Dahmen week/month at US Golf Digest. The PGA Tour winner served as its guest editor on the latest issue of the magazine and served as a test subject in a rather interesting playing experiment with the title’s Digital Editor, Sam Weinman (you’re a good sport, Joel).

But Joel also appeared on the Need A 4th? podcast with our friends at the Fire Pit Collective. And boy, did he deliver some fantastic content there as well.

The story – and it’s an instant classic to be sure – actually comes from Aussie Geoff Ogilvy. But it was Dahmen who prompted its telling so we can all thank him for that.

Anyway, it involves Ogilvy, Ogilvy’s longtime caddie, Alistair “Squirrel” Matheson, the 10th hole at Riviera, and… Squirrel’s mum? Yep, Squirrel’s mum. Have a listen:


“He said, ‘That was my mum,'” Ogilvy says. “She said no one should hit driver on the 10th at Riviera.” That’s an all-time punch line!

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What tale. And what a move from Squirrel’s mother to call in that spot. And what a tremendous dagger for Squirrel to actually pick up the phone in that spot and relay that message from his mum to Geoff.

Oh, and good job by Geoff sharing the story. Maybe we should have a Geoff Ogilvy week/month next.