The exploits of Florida Man are known far and wide, but for years Florida Woman has toiled in obscurity. NO LONGER!

At least if 21-year-old Gabrielle Barberis has anything to say about it. Last week, the St John’s County woman flipped her car into a pond beside Julington Creek Golf Club just outside Jacksonville. When golfers came upon the upside-down, partially submerged vehicle, they sprang into action, reportedly diving into the water rescue the driver.

Details are scant, but it seems that by the time the golfers reached the vehicle, Barberis had already fled. The St John’s County Sheriff’s Office reported that an “investigation followed” and that Barberis was eventually arrested and charged with DUI.

Thankfully, given the state of the Barberis’ vehicle and the hazards of drunk driving, no injuries were reported. Things could have gone from amusing to tragic with a simple flick of the steering wheel. That said, we still want to give a shout out to those golfers for their quick thinking in the moment. We guess you have to be ready for anything when you tee it up in Florida.

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