[PHOTO: Mike Ehrmann]

It’s been nearly six months since Europe took back the Ryder Cup with a dominant performance in Rome, but one caddie this week is making sure to remind everyone about it.

The Valspar Championship is probably best known for Innisbrook’s “Snake Pit”, but in recent years it’s also been that place where caddies wear bibs with fun messages on the back. We’ve seen some good ones, including one PGA Tour pro roasting himself last year, but nothing tops this from Robert MacIntyre’s looper, Mike Burrows:

“EUR16.5-11.5USA,” a score that Americans would like to forget. That’s just flat-out taunting the USA. Too soon? More like too late, if anything. Either way, that’s some serious sledging.

What makes it even crazier is that Burrows wasn’t even on the bag for MacIntyre at Marco Simone Golf Club last September. These two joined forces the next month. But Burrows is English and we know how much Europe cares about the biennial event.

Anyway, MacIntyre is paired with a couple Americans, Kevin Roy and Chandler Phillips, the first couple days at Innisbrook. Of course, his caddie’s message would be even bolder if the Scot were playing with someone who played on Team USA. Fingers crossed that happens this weekend.