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Golf training programs to help you find more swing power

The Tiger Effect. We know all about his impact on the PGA Tour, from TV ratings to prizemoney, as well as overall interest in the game. But we’ve also seen Tiger’s effect on the sport in myriad other ways, both at the professional level and amateur ranks. 

Golf fitness was largely an oxymoron pre-Tiger. But these days, tour pros do golf-specific workouts all the time: before rounds, post-rounds, at home during off-weeks and in the off-season. Even weekend warriors are getting in on the act. And, why not? Being in better shape, or even maintaining one’s physical condition, can help you feel healthier, prevent injuries and, ultimately, play more and better golf. 

In the past couple of years, several products and programs have taken flight for golfers of all ages and abilities to increase their strength and flexibility. The best part might be that players can do golf-specific, speed-training programs from home with a minimal amount of equipment. There’s no need to go to the gym. Figuratively speaking, some programs bring the personal trainer to you. The payoffs are obvious but you have to be willing to put in the time. 

Speed-training programs typically recommend three-times-per-week workouts. Which speed-training options are best? Here are some of our favourites. Let’s go to work. – Rob Sauerhaft

GolfForever Swing Trainer [pictured above]

The ultimate golf training tool to unlock strength and mobility in your swing.

None other than Scottie Scheffler, the world’s No.1-ranked player and 2022 PGA Tour Player of the Year, credited the Swing Trainer for much of his success last year.

Users receive targeted routines based on fitness level, goals, needs and available equipment. The step-by-step, personalised workout program refers the user to the next video based on the most-recently completed routine.

With more than 100 speed-training videos, and a full library that exceeds 1,000 videos (i.e. injury-prevention protocols, strength workouts, pre-round warm-ups), even those who are relatively inexperienced with golf fitness can improve mobility, balance and speed.

The resistance training bar provides unmatched versatility to build strength and mobility in diagonal, rotational patterns that apply to your golf swing. Anchor light or medium resistance bands virtually anywhere and follow step-by-step coaching in the GolfForever app. RRP: $339.95

Rypstick Golf 

An Editors’ Choice winner in 2021, the Rypstick is back and better than ever. The ultra-versatile “club” features three interchangeable weights, plus an optional counterweight, Rypstick gives golfers eight unique weighting combinations – without the need to swap out heads or have additional sticks.

For every mile an hour of added clubhead speed, you’ll gain three metres of distance. By working the Rypstick into your training routine for just 10 minutes a day, three times a week, you could see 12-24 metres added to your driving distance.

Rypstick’s compact, streamlined design fits seamlessly in your golf bag and enables you to build speed from anywhere – whether you’re warming up on the range or at home, gearing up for your next round.

Rypstick is used by 100 or more tour athletes, 10 long drive competitors, and more than 1,000 teaching pros. RRP: $319

Orange Whip LightSpeed

The Orange Whip LightSpeed Trainer is the perfect tool for improving your golf swing. Its proprietary shaft and counterweight system encourages users to find the perfect rhythm and tempo in their swing, for greater speed, balance and synchronisation. 

Immediate feedback enables you to stay in sync with your swing sequence and improve efficiency. Get the natural feeling and sound of a perfect swing every time. RRP: $179.95 (Swing Trainer); $349.95 (Orange Peel).