[PHOTO: Steve Dykes]

Lexi Thompson was having an odd problem on the golf course: late in her rounds, she noticed her hands were shaking. Not sure what to do, she did what anyone with the ability to do so would—she called Tiger Woods.

“He asked what I eat on-course,” Thompson said during an interview with Golf Digest in 2020. “He said to add these peanut butter and banana sandwiches on wheat bread.”

Thompson’s shaking hands were a byproduct of not properly fuelling on the golf course. Adding in the sandwiches with protein from the peanut butter and complex carbohydrates from the wheat bread helped provide the sustained energy she needed, and bananas give an extra energy boost from their natural sugar content.

She followed Tiger’s recommendation of eating the sandwiches frequently throughout the round.

“I eat half of one every three holes to keep my energy constant,” Thompson said.

He also told her to make sure to eat before the round started. Following Tiger’s advice, Thompson’s in-round hand shakiness improved.

If you’re consistently feeling low energy late in your rounds, you could be under-fuelling as Thompson was. Picking up the amount and cadence of your on-course eating, as Thompson did, could help.

This article was originally published on golfdigest.com