Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has transitioned from professional wrestler to entertainment icon. But it appears Johnson has kept the wrestling world’s “staged” mentality with him to Hollywood.

On Tuesday, Johnson posted a photo of himself on a tee box from the set of his TV show “Ballers.” In the picture, Johnson makes the outrageous claim to have smacked a 490-yard (450m) drive.

Far be it from me to yell B.S. on a man whose biceps are bigger than my head. But a 500-yard bomb? C’mon.

Johnson does mention “the scientists holding the rulers.” Maybe someone working his Trackman numbers didn’t have the heart to tell him his drive didn’t cross the 300-yard barrier. Hell, we’d do the same thing too.

I suppose there’s only one way to substantiate such claim, Johnson: We challenge you against our longest hitters in the office to see who bombs it farther. Loser makes a donation to the other’s charity. Unless you’re scared, that is.

(And yes, we just called out the Rock. Speak well of us at the funeral.)