The best data-capturing devices don’t just spit out numbers, they get you results.

Resist all you want, but if you ignore the impressive selection of digital technology for golfers, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Companies far and wide are now offering quality launch monitors for a fraction of the price of the $20,000 machines popular with tour pros. Makers of ball-tracking devices, seemingly without room to innovate, continue to find ways to do so. Even if you’re not a tech-loving golfer, these products are worth noticing  ▶ ▶ ▶


Using high-speed infrared cameras, Skytrak offers users highly accurate data within a few percent of competing launch monitors that sell for up to 10 times the price. Skytrak can be used as a game-improvement tool as well as a fully fledged professional simulator, and is ideal for users who have limited space or want to set up a system in a spare bedroom or garage. Skytrak currently retails for $3,399 and can be purchased in Australia from 24/7 Golf at: 

FlightScope Mevo+

A pioneer of launch monitors, FlightScope has combined more than 30 years of experience, which includes working with Major champions Bryson DeChambeau, Bubba Watson and Masters winner Hideki Matsuyama. FlightScope Mevo+ uses patented radar and camera fusion technology to develop a tour-level launch monitor and simulator specifically for the average golfer at an extremely affordable price  FlightScope Mevo+ currently retails for $3,599, with PGA professional own-use discounts available, and can be purchased in Australia from 24/7 Golf at:

Capto Precision Putting Technology 

Capto is a revolutionary new training and fitting system that gives golfers immediate and accurate data on their putting in real time and in real outdoor conditions. Measuring data at 400fps with high-level accuracy, Capto is ideal for indoor and outdoor coaching, putter fitting and real playing-condition data collection. Enquire now by phoning 1300 156 550 or e-mailing [email protected]

PRGR Portable Swing Radar

The new PRGR Portable Launch Monitor is a super-accurate, Doppler Radar-based, pocket-size, portable launch monitor that is incredibly easy to use. Lightweight, the PRGR radar can be used with or without a ball. It provides you with swing speed, ball speed, carry distance, total distance and Smash Factor for each club. With this simple device, you are not only able to measure your swing data with a golf club, but also with any of the SuperSpeed Golf training clubs. Order now for $349.95 at

Swing Caddie SC300i

The SC300i is truly portable and provides golfers with complete swing and ball flight metrics found in professional launch monitors, including launch angle and apex data. Using the latest in Doppler radar technology, and calibrating atmospheric pressure sensors, the SC300i provides uncompromised precision and connects directly to a personal phone or tablet via Bluetooth, allowing golfers to track their real-time, integrated data. Voice output of distance and remote control provides the highest levels of user convenience. Order now for $749.95 at

Rapsodo Mobile Launch Monitor

The Rapsodo MLM is the only launch monitor that uses the power of your mobile device. It provides professional accuracy on distance, ball speed, club speed, launch angle, launch direction and shot shape, and can even be used with an indoor or outdoor net. It is packed with ground-breaking features like video playback with an active shot trace and data overlay. Order now for $849.95 at

And if owning your own isn’t an option…

Experience Toptracer Range

Toptracer Range delivers the same ball-tracking technology that traces the shots of the game’s best players on TV. Driving ranges equipped with Toptracer Range technology offer a fun, engaging, tech-driven experience that appeals to seasoned players, range rivals, friends, family members and even first-time golfers. With Toptracer Range’s game and data modes, players will stay longer, hit more golf balls and have more fun than ever before. Toptracer Range can cover any single or multi-level range configuration to provide instant shot data and entertaining virtual games. Players will not only love the gratification of seeing their shot on the game screen, but the simplicity of the system makes it easy for any player to benefit. For more details, visit