There’s nothing like the inspiration from a stranger’s wife to make you play your best golf.

It’s likely no one has ever said that. But it’s exactly what popular Australian comedian Hamish Blake experienced at a golf course on Sydney’s northern beaches this week.

On Wednesday, Blake was playing a round of golf at Palm Beach Golf Club, a nine-hole course nestled between Pittwater and Palm Beach, under the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, which was recently restored by PGA Tour winner Craig Parry. Blake was playing with good mate Ollie Neave, a former tour player who now coaches out of Moore Park Golf Club.

A bystander walked off the street after noticing the recognisable figure of LEGO Masters host Blake to tell him that his wife, Diane, is a huge fan. While Andy Lee, Blake’s comedy partner in the beloved Hamish and Andy duo, has long been an avid golfer, Blake has also been bitten by the golf bug in recent years. The bystander urges Blake to relay a message to his wife, “Yeah LEGO Man, come on.”

Blake responds, “Hey Diane, this one’s for you,” as he addresses his tee shot on Palm Beach’s first hole. Blake then rips a drive at the short par-4 and, as Neave tells Australian Golf Digest, it settled to close range for birdie. “She’s my good luck charm,” Blake is heard saying on video as the impromptu gallery laughs.

But Blake wasn’t just driving for show. He was also putting for dough. Scroll down to the next video to see this clutch putting clinic.

Blake’s birdie putt lipped out for par on that first hole. But on the second hole, Blake called for his good luck charm, the bystander, to return, hoping to make another par when facing a 10-footer.

“This is to make par,” Blake says. “Hey Diane, this is for you again.”

Blake then drains the par putt and celebrates wildly:

One more hilarious scene unfolded at Palm Beach GC. A fan who clearly listens to the Hamish and Andy podcast asked Blake for a dollar coin. Blake has said on the podcast that if he can’t give a fan a dollar coin, he will bow: