There are holes-in-one and there are albatrosses, but you never see either made with a putter. However, that’s exactly what one American college golfer pulled off recently. And fortunately for him, there’s video of the extremely rare occurrence.

Introducing Braxton Floyd, a senior on the Lubbock Christian University men’s golf team. Last month during a particularly windy day, Braxton was able to find the putting surface with his drive on a 466-metre (510-yard) par 5. And with a camera rolling, he rolled in this putt:

Amazing stuff. Even more amazing is that we’re just finding out about it more than a month later thanks to Zire Golf. Even coming from little Lubbock Christian University, you’d think that would have made the rounds on Golf Twitter by now. That is a highlight to cherish for a lifetime.

You can hear the wind howling in the video. Almost as much as the howling from those there once the putt dropped.

Anyway, congrats to Braxton. We’re not sure if there’s a rule about buying drinks after someone makes an albatross, let alone holes a putt for an albatross. But we’re pretty sure Braxton and his friends had fun in the dorms that night.