Cobra Golf, a leader in golf club innovation and design, has introduced its new AIR-X franchise, the latest evolution of its popular lightweight club category.

Continuing its focus on weight-savings and forgiveness, Cobra’s AIR-X men’s and women’s drivers and fairway woods each boast an additional eight grams of total weight savings. At just 277 grams, the AIR-X driver delivers a new level of lightweight performance to improve feel and maximise clubhead speed and distance for players with moderate swing speeds.

Cobra’s AIR-X line is anchored by new and improved metal woods that have been re-engineered with new weight saving technologies. The AIR-X drivers now feature a lighter and thinner ply carbon crown that is 30 percent thinner than the previous generation F-MAX. Replacing titanium with the new thin-ply carbon fibre saves a total of 15 grams (five additional grams compared to last year’s construction), allowing Cobra engineers to reduce the clubhead weight by two grams (190 grams total) while maintaining a high moment of inertia (MOI) of close to 5,000 for maximum stability and forgiveness.

To add to the weight-saving technologies, the driver now utilises a standard size 37-gram Lamkin grip, which is 4 grams lighter, and a sub-50-gram Cobra UltraLite shaft. Together, the lighter grip, lighter head and lighter shaft combine to bring the total overall weight to an unbelievably light 277 grams – eight grams lighter than its predecessor. In addition, the AIR-X drivers feature heel-biased weighting and an offset hosel design to help correct a slice and make it easier to hit straighter drives down the fairway. For players who prefer a traditional, square setup at address, the AIR-X drivers are also available in a straight-neck model.

“Not a single aspect of club design was overlooked when we were trying to maximise the weight savings in this line,” said Tom Olsavsky, vice-president of research & development for Cobra Golf. “We even use an unpainted shaft with clearcoat and a decal design to save two extra grams of weight over a typical painted shaft. That is a perfect illustration of the level of detail than went into making these clubs as lightweight as possible.”

Cobra’s new AIR-X fairway woods employ similar weight-saving innovations as the driver, including the updated lighter weight carbon crown, and a six-gram lighter 41-gram Lamkin grip. Additionally, a low-profile, shallow face design lowers the centre of gravity for higher launch while back/heel weighting creates draw bias to help create draw bias trajectory.

The new AIR-X drivers (RRP: $549) and fairway woods (RRP: $349) are available now. Visit for more information.