In less than two weeks, golfers will make the annual trek to Augusta National. Either physically or emotionally. The heart of the golf season truly arrives once we venture down Magnolia Lane and witness the best the sport has to offer, watching golfers from around the world strike incredible shot after incredible shot. Then afterwards, we’ll try to replicate their successes and fail miserably.

We’re certainly not saying that you’re going to play like Woods, Rahm or Scheffler if you try out this new Augusta-themed Cobra Golf driver, but you’ll at least look like you know what you’re doing… well, until you tee off perhaps.

Cobra Darkspeed Season Opener X Driver Cobra Darkspeed Season Opener LS Driver

Yes, Cobra Golf’s new Darkspeed models will now come (for a limited time only) with Augusta National colours and markings. The Darkspeed LS Season Opener will feature azaleas on the sole and Augusta Green throughout. You may not make it to the home of the Masters, but you can at least bring Augusta to your club. There’s an exclusive shaft and headcover too, because of course there is.

“While vibrant colours usually define golf’s inaugural major, this year, Darkness reigns supreme,” Cobra Golf(‘s marketing team) writes. “The Darkspeed X Season Opener limited edition driver combines the iconic colourways and azalea blooms of the springtime tradition with the all-black look of Darkspeed. Paired with an exclusive shaft and headcover, this driver makes speed a statement piece.”

The club has groundbreaking aerodynamic shaping, a renovated PWR-Bridge and an AI design all built for faster swingers with higher spin rates. The sleek black colourway works perfectly with the flowers blooming. This driver is available with the Mitsubishi Tensei 1k Black shaft, with your choice of X-Flex, Stiff, or regular and loft options of 9° and 10.5°. They’re launching just ahead of the Masters, so keep a look out. We’re fairly certain they’ll go fast.

Maybe, just maybe, this club will deliver you the confidence you need to figure things out on the course. Either way, if you buy this club, you’ll automatically have the same number of green jackets as Rory McIlroy. That’s a guarantee.