What’s the first thing you do when you get released from prison?

If you own this $2.8 million mansion, you’re probably playing your private eight-hole golf course.

The Greenvale home – in Melbourne’s north – belonged to Mohammed Oueida before he was jailed.

As the Ballarat Courier reports, “Oueida was a major organised crime kingpin who continued to wield power from behind bars. He was released from prison on Thursday, amid a tit-for-tat feud between drug gangs and an unprecedented wave of shootings in his former stomping ground. Mohammed Oueida, who was described in court as “the new Tony Mokbel” and was one of Australia’s most significant organised crime figures at the time he was jailed.”

When Oueida was arrested in April 2011, police alleged he had $6 million in a Swiss bank account, a light plane, a $2.8 million mansion, a Ferrari, and suspected property and business interests in Lebanon, the Solomon Islands, Abu Dhabi and Pakistan.

Just one question: where is the ninth hole?