To the masses, Charley Hoffman is known for two things: 1. His affinity for wearing lots of green (shoutout Waste Management), and 2. Sometimes owning the first-round lead at the Masters.

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By the way, those are not knocks, though they do overshadow the fact that Hoffman has been a really solid PGA Tour player for a really long time. More than just a Masters FRL who rocks the green glove and flat-brim. On Thursday morning, Hoffmann teed off in his 500th (!!) PGA Tour event at the Valero Texas Open. Pretty incredible stat for a guy who did not play his first full season on Tour until 2006, when he was 29 years old.

And it is no coincidence that this career milestone is taking place at the Valero, where Hoffman has done some of his best work as a tour pro, including picking up his fourth and most-recent tour win in 2016. Hoffman wanted No. 500 to be at TPC San Antonio, where he unleashed an epic celebration in 2016, nearly knocking his own damn sunglasses off after holing a birdie putt on the final hole to beat Patrick Reed by one stroke:

To commemorate No. 500, and to celebrate Chuck Hoff’s last dub, fans at the Valero showed up in T-shirts with a photo of Hoffman’s 2016 celebration on them early Thursday morning. No disrespect to Hoffman, but you have to be the diehard golf fan of all diehard golf fans—in other words, a SICK puppy—to understand these:

And of course, they are green. We’ll take 500 of them, thanks. 

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