From speed golf on a “race course” to having Marshawn Lynch as a host to Bert Kreischer tackling a protestor, Tuesday’s Netflix Cup at the Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas was complete chaos. And that didn’t stop once the competition was over.

Justin Thomas and Carlos Sainz won the live streaming event that partnered stars from a pair of popular Netflix sports docuseris, “Full Swing” and “Drive to Survive.” And to the victors went checkered-flag jackets (nice touch) and a spiffy trophy. But now the latter needs to make a pit stop to be fixed before anyone can take it home.

That’s because the Spanish Formula One star managed to drop it during the podium celebration. And they might need all the king’s horses and all the king’s men to put this thing back together again. Check it out:

Whoops. Hopefully the Wynn has some extra-strength super glue.

As you can see, JT, who had already drank some celebratory bubbly from the cup before passing it to his teammate, seems to get a big kick out of it, but Sainz is stunned. Not his finest moment, but at least he showed better hands during the actual competition.

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