At 18-13 and 9th in Big East, the Butler Bulldogs won’t be going dancing this year. After jarring a 94-foot putt for $5,000 at halftime of the Bulldogs’ 72-66 win over Xavier on Wednesday night, however, this young pup was dancing all the way home. Let’s see those moves, kid.

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Selection Sunday isn’t until March 17th—the same day the Players Championship wraps up down in Ponte Vedra—but it’s safe to say March Madness has already begun. This 90-plus footer is all the proof we need. Considering the fickle whims of gymnasium wax and the hundreds of screaming co-eds, this bomb probably has longer odds than your typical buzzer beater.

So what does this young man plan to plunk down his plunder on? Video games? His first car? That inevitable 12-5 upset? Perhaps something much more responsible, like tuition? We have no idea, but safe to say putting lessons shouldn’t be on the list.

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