Whether you’re a pusher or a puller, these are the best buggies available to buy right now.

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The gold rush of buggies is upon us. Golf Australia’s 2021-2022 Participation Report revealed that more than 2.7 million Australians play golf, with each state and territory experiencing another year of significant club membership growth.

For the first time ever, our sport’s governing body worked with the National Golf Foundation to outline participation across all forms of golf. The data revealed that during the previous 12 months, the country’s golf courses hosted 1.5 million golfers. That’s a lot of rounds, with a lot of bags that, presumably, required a lot of carrying.

Golf is indeed all the rage and the demand for buggies is at an all-time high. It’s likely you’ve searched the internet for available options. And, most likely, you’ve struck out in that attempt to find the right one for you. 

Worry not: we’ve been scouring every golf retail website on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis to find the best buggies available and shipping now. Keep reading for the best ones we’ve found.

PowaKaddy CT8 GPS 

The all-new CT8 GPS affords golfers the opportunity to enjoy smarter power. This model boasts a fully-integrated GPS, accessible via a new 3.5-inch TFT full-colour touch screen widescreen display, making it the smallest, most intelligent ultra-compact golf buggy in the world. This high-performance model comes pre-loaded with more than 40,000 courses worldwide with no annual fees or subscriptions. Its simple 2-FoldTM system in the CT series collapses 20 percent smaller than the previous PowaKaddy Compact C2i models and 35 percent smaller than its nearest competitor on the market. Find out more at powakaddy.com.au 

Concourse Golf Smart Wheels 

The brilliant, Australian-designed (and made) Concourse Golf Smart Wheels allow you to upgrade your push buggy to a remote-control electric golf buggy in seconds. Completely wireless with a high torque motor for all terrain control, Smart Wheels will effortlessly power your buggy across the course round after round (RRP $1,599). Available at concoursegolf.com

Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC

The Motocaddy M5 GPS DHC will convince even the most rusted-on pushcart devotee to go electric. Why? Because it’s a motorised buggy and a GPS unit. Integrated into the M5’s handle is a GPS unit that provides ultra-accurate distances for more than 40,000 courses and offers drag-and-drop pin positioning. A handy, onboard USB charging port keeps mobile devices topped up during a round, while the buggy’s DHC technology automatically regulates downhill speed for carefree cruising. Still not convinced? The M5 GPS DHS is a real space saver; folded up, it’ll fit comfortably in the boot of a small car. Order now at golfbox.com.au

MGI Zip Navigator All Terrain

The All Terrain is the top-spec variant in the MGI Zip Navigator line-up and it’s a real warrior.

Controlled via a handheld remote, the motorised buggy is optimised to handle the rigours of the roughest and bumpiest courses on the planet. Brawny twin electric motors propel the All Terrain up the most vertiginous terrain imaginable, while the buggy’s downhill speed control and gyroscope tracking keep everything level and under control heading downhill.

The All Terrain’s dual front wheels ride on a spring suspension system for ultra-smooth operation and a 380Wh lithium battery provides enough juice to get through 36 holes. Order now at golfbox.com.au

Clicgear 4.0 

The Clicgear 4.0 golf buggy is so effortlessly functional it makes a Swiss army knife appear ill-equipped. The three-wheeled push buggy is a sturdy and stable conveyance, with its lightweight aluminium frame and simple folding mechanism making it a complete cinch to set up and pack down. Its adjustable silicone straps secure golf bags with considerable ease while a cavernous storage compartment near the handle keeps golf-related detritus protected and within easy reach. Clicgear’s extensive range of spare parts and accessories – such as bottles, seats and cup holders – maximise both comfort and convenience. And there’s even a Clicgear cigar holder to keep that stogie burnin’ mid-shot. Order now at golfbox.com.au

Stonehaven Glide SVL

A 360-degree swivelling front wheel makes the Stonehaven Glide SVL one of the most manoeuvrable buggies in the game. The buggy’s free-wheeling nature will help golfers navigate through the undergrowth while mired in the boonies and turn on a dime in the tightest of carparks post-round. The Glide SVL’s compact, lightweight, three-wheeled design represents the pinnacle of the Stonehaven buggy range and its integrated bottle, scorecard, ball, tee and pencil holder and in-built shot counter are all easily accessible. Golf may be hard to master, but opening and closing the Glide SVL isn’t – its straightforward one-motion mechanism is one of the best in the game. Order now at golfbox.com.au