You’re probably no stranger to the concept of shallowing out your swing. Countless teachers have made videos oversimplifying the move.

While these swing thoughts are great, Bryson DeChambeau recently shared a swing feel on Instagram that might be even better.

What makes DeChambeau’s tip so good is that he teaches golfers how to get slotted without overly manipulating their swing. Check out the video below.

Bryson’s Tip: Hands to pocket, then rotate

As DeChambeau explains in the clip, many golfers make the mistake of trying too hard to shallow out their swing, causing a variety of problems, all of which create an inconsistent clubface and poor contact.

DeChambeau explains that golfers would see better results if they brushed up on their fundamentals (setup, takeaway, and the backswing) and think about their hands dropping into their trail pocket as they rotate through the shot. That’s the key feel.

To rehearse this feel, try DeChambeau’s slo-mo drill. Start at the top of the swing, then, at 40 percent speed, drop your hands to your rear pocket and hold that position. From there, turn through to feel your impact position. You can incorporate a ball like DeChambeau does in the clip above. As you get more comfortable, increase your speed.