Among the many reasons fans still seem to like Brooks Koepka despite the jump to LIV is his ability to just be a regular bloke, as stupid as that sounds. Look no further than this hilarious clip on Saturday evening, featuring Koepka, holding on to the 54-hole lead at the time, telling Golf Channel’s Todd Lewis about his plans for that night.

While others might have said something cliche-y about getting some rest or hitting up the physio or getting in extra putting work, Koepka told the truth – he was going to kick back and watch the ‘Ps’, which is the Florida Panthers ice hockey team, because Koepka is the only person on the planet to call them the ‘Ps’. 

Koepka watched his Ps get a win, then he went out and won the PGA Championship like it was no big deal. Not long after he won, he was already talking about how he wasn’t going to be very sober this week. A true bloke’s bloke. 

The now five-time major champion doubled down on that promise on yet another appearance on the Pardon My Take podcast with hosts Dan “Big Cat” Katz and PFT Commenter. Calling in from the Oak Hill clubhouse on Sunday evening, an admittedly-buzzed Koepka outlined his upcoming week, and it sounds like the man is about to go on an absolute TEAR. 

“Dude, this is going to be a long week for me,” Koepka said. “Ps game tomorrow [Monday], Heat game Tuesday, Panthers game Wednesday, then got to go up and play the LIV event this weekend [in Washington D.C.]

“I don’t know how well that LIV event is gonna go,” he added. “I’ll be dead honest.” 

Note to everyone: do not bet on Koepka this week at LIV D.C. 

It’s unclear if Koepka is attending all these games, though knowing him that’s a virtual lock. We’ve seen him courtside at Miami Heat games before, and Tuesday night is an opportunity to see Jimmy Butler and co. sweep the Boston Celtics. Can’t miss that. As for his beloved Ps, well, Koepka is as diehard as they come, as we know. The only question is whether he’ll be wearing his No. 94 Ryan Lomberg jersey or will he run back the Italian jumpsuit and shout obscenities at Aaron Ekblad.