Club championship season is in full swing in the US. At clubs across America, hopeless hacks and weekend warriors are squaring off for the right to be named the biggest fish in the littlest pond. The stakes are high and the pressure intense. Enter this man:

All-square on the 18th hole of his club championship, and this is his leave. It doesn’t take commentator Paul Azinger to tell us that’s where you don’t want to be. But while most mere mortals would opt for the punch out and settle for second, this guy went for glory.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, there’s a few armchair haters in the comments. They’re more interested in how bad the previous shot was than how good this one was. They’re more concerned with the form than the result. But watch him execute with a crowd of buzzed idiots surrounding him, phones out and clubhouse windows fully in play. You can’t teach clutch. It’s like webbed toes; you’re either born with it or you’re not.

We don’t know if Mr. Pink Shorts (another bold choice) went on to sink his putt and etch himself into club history for eternity, but this is one of the greatest shots we’ve seen all year.