Aussies at the Open


By Tony Webeck and Steve Keipert

More than 180 Australian golfers have competed in the Open Championship since its first staging at Scotland’s Prestwick Golf Club in October 1860. Four of them have claimed golf’s greatest championship, numerous more have come close, but every single Australian to ever tee up a golf ball in an Open Championship has a story to tell.

The 2022 Open at the Home of Golf, St Andrews, marks the championship’s 150th staging. To commemorate the occasion, Steve Keipert and Tony Webeck delved into the archives and interviewed every living Australian who has ever played in The Open. Almost half of the 180-plus Aussies to do so played only one Open but each contestant walked away from their week with indelible memories. Aussies At The Open is these players’ opportunity to reminisce about their Open experiences – whether they played one, two or 25 Open Championships – and to share the weird and wonderful moments from their time at The Open. From Peter Thomson’s remarkable five titles to Greg Norman’s 1986 victory being serenaded by a low-flying Concorde through to the 1999 Open that spawned Mark Allen’s radio career and Kurt Barnes’ Open-ruining flat tyre in 2011, Aussies At The Open is rich with anecdotes and stories, many uncovered for the first time.