[PHOTO: Andrew Redington]

Augusta National is never done modifying its golf course. Back to the days of longtime Masters chairman Clifford Roberts, the club would get to work on renovations after the conclusion of each Masters Tournament, making changes it deemed necessary to make the course better.

The club announced overnight one very small modification made by officials ahead of the 2024 Masters. The Masters tee at the par-5 second hole has been moved back and to the left by about 10 yards, seemingly in an effort to bring the right fairway bunker more into play.

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The club has been busy during the past couple of years, notably adding 40 yards to the par-5 13th hole ahead of the 2023 Masters after a large acquisition of land from neighbouring Augusta Country Club. The previous year, significant changes were made at the 11th and 15th holes. It makes sense the club isolated the par-5 second hole ahead of this year’s Masters. In the past three tournaments, the second hole played as the easiest hole each year, playing to a 4.562 scoring average.

Another tradition unlike any other is also walking around the golf course during tournament week to spot any other smaller changes made to the course. Those will have to wait until Masters week, which will be here sooner than we realise.