It’s been quite the week for Anthony Kim revelations. First, he revealed in an interview with David Feherty that he only picked up golf clubs again about three months before his return at LIV Jeddah. Then on Thursday, at his first official US press conference in more than 12 years, Kim peeled back a few more layers as the picture of his lengthy absence continued to crystallise.

There at Trump National Doral, Kim admitted that he got a “rude awakening” when doctors told him he might not have too much time left. He also said the only time he watched golf over the course of his decade-plus sabbatical was when he was struggling to sleep or trying to take a nap, which helped to explain his most mind-blowing admission:

Come again!? We’re not sure what “vaguely” means in this case. Did he know and just didn’t care? Did he hear a few months later? Did he sense a disturbance in The Force? We honestly don’t know, but in today’s age of perpetual connectivity, it’s actually impressive Kim was able to avoid the biggest story in the sport he played professionally for years.

Anthony Kim is not who you think he was

It wasn’t just Tiger that Kim missed out on, either. Apparently, he also missed LIV compatriot Brooks Koepka’s coincidentally Tiger-like major run between 2017 and 2019.

The rest of Kim’s man-out-of-time revelations will have to wait for his forthcoming documentary, as will the harrowing reasons for his disconnected lifestyle. But no matter what Kim remembers or doesn’t, we are glad to have him back in the golf world once again.