The interaction between Patrick Reed and Rory McIlroy on a Dubai driving range on Tuesday – a.k.a. “Tee-gate” – is being discussed and disected like it’s the fight of the century. This, despite the fact that no punches were thrown and even the tee that was thrown by Reed wasn’t noticed by McIlroy. (Cue Austin Powers saying, “Who throws a tee anyway?”)

Admittedly, we are as guilty as anyone for playing up this incident. But you can’t blame us, because, a) it’s still very entertaining; and b) golf “fights” rarely get any better than this. Even when the pros aren’t involved.

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Such was the case with another video that emerged recently that showed a few weekend hackers getting heated. But in what has become a tale as old as time, despite a lot of verbal threats and gesticulations, no actual punches were thrown. Have a look and listen, although, be warned about the explicit language:

That is an all-time F-bomb tirade by untucked dude during the argument that seems to stem from one group hitting into the other. (Another tale as old as time on the golf course.)

“It wasn’t even f—ing close! Go finish the f—ing game, champ. I’ll f—ing beat your ass.” But of course, that didn’t happen.

“This guy f—ing sucks,” he continued moments later. “You’re out of line. It wasn’t f—ing close! Learn how to play the f—ing game!”

Good stuff. And great camera/phone work to record all this. But nothing quite tops the big “FUHGGETABOUTIT” heard at the end. Not surprisingly, those involved eventually walked away and did just that. It’s a gentleman’s game, after all.