ADAM Scott has responded to criticism from sporting personalities such as Dawn Fraser of his withdrawal from the Rio Olympics, stating “I’m far from abandoning my country.”

After the 13-time US PGA Tour winner announced he wouldn’t be in Brazil in August, Australian swimming legend Fraser claimed Scott wasn’t “showing much for your country” and implied he had earned enough money to skip tournaments in favour of the summer Olympics.

But it seems Scott couldn’t care less – about Fraser’s comments or golf’s return to the Olympic arena. In fact, Scotty said he wouldn’t even watch golf while the games were on.

“I expected someone to not understand my position … some people who know me a little better understand I don’t just do things for a reaction or no reason. There’s something behind it.”

The 35-year-old said he flew the flag of Australia on a weekly basis.

“I think I’m far from abandoning my country,” he said.

“I love watching the Olympics, the swimming and athletics (track and field), absolutely,” said.

“I don’t need to see the same guys play four more rounds.”