Dear All,

I am writing to let you know that from Tuesday, September 4 all golfers and officials will need to log-in to view handicaps and handicap histories on

The new log-in process will involve users registering their email address with Golf Australia (GA). Once logged-in, all users of will have full access to the same range of world-standard handicapping functionality they currently experience. This includes a person being able to view the handicap history of any golfer they know the GOLF Link number of. Having wide access to handicap records remains a key feature of the handicapping service GA provides to all officials and golfers, and it is an important safeguard against handicap manipulation.

Asking users to log-in to an internet service has become a standard operating practice. By moving in this direction GA will be able to develop and maintain a rich source of data to generate insights that will be critical to growing the industry’s capacity to support golf clubs and their businesses. It will also be used to communicate important information and updates, and to develop innovative ways to improve the golf experience of individual players. (This source of data will be strictly separate to any personal member data provided directly by clubs to GA to enable the operation of GOLF Link. Member data provided directly by clubs is closely protected by data privacy legislation and may not be used by GA for the above purposes.)

Some other important elements of this new process are:

• There will be a workaround available to people who do not have an email address.
• There will be no restrictions on who can register to use the handicapping service on
• Any individual who registers will have the choice to opt out of receiving any commercial marketing.
• The new log-in process will only apply when using to access handicap or score history information. Nothing will change for the experience of a member when they remain within their club software system.
• GA’s policy on data protection can be viewed at –
• If a user wishes, they will be able to remain continually logged-in to avoid having to enter their password every time they start a new viewing session.

We will post reminders and further information closer to 4 September. This will include via the GA website, on social media channels, and in various email communications.

Please feel free to raise any queries with GA’s Rules & Handicapping Director, Simon Magdulski, at [email protected]. Or with me directly. All the best.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Pitt
CEO, Golf Australia