The COVID-19 pandemic has convinced six-time European Tour winner Brett Rumford to temporarily shelve this golf sticks for the study books.

While the golf world waits for the tours to fire up again, the West Australian confirmed he is joining the pro shop team at Wembley Golf Course to complete the PGA of Australia’s bridging program.

Rumford applied to the PGA of Australia to begin his next step and career transition from PGA tour professional to PGA vocational professional and said there was no better time to take the first steps.

“I’d like to use this down time as best I can to keep pushing myself, studying, learning and now preparing for the next phase in my professional career,” Rumford said.

“I’m not finished playing just yet, I’ll still head back out where I can, but this program allows me to remain in the game and give back as a coach/mentor and do something that I love.

“This transition has been at the back of my mind as I’ve had some injuries that have set me back across the last few years. I’ve had time to reflect on the next challenge, and ask the question, how do I grow and give back to the game that has given me so much?”

Rumford said he approached the PGA of Australia to learn more about their bridging program, the training, duration and qualifications behind it, and what it ultimately allows him to do. “Once I complete the program I’d like to dip my toes in the water with some short-game clinics or master classes and help people improve their golf.”

And it appears Rumford fans may not have to wait long to get a lesson from their man. Wembley Golf Course confirmed via its Facebook page that “Rummy” is going to launch a short-game series very soon.