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50 balls, 60 minutes - Australian Golf Digest 50 balls, 60 minutes - Australian Golf Digest

The range routine to reinvigorate your game

Range time can be extremely beneficial to your game but only if you are practising the right things and in the right manner. I see bucket after bucket of balls wasted by players hitting the same club repeatedly – you will never hit driver that often during a round – and not spending enough time dialling in the scoring clubs.

All you need is 60 minutes and 50 balls to convert meaningful practice into lower scores:

15 minutes: Practise long and short bunker shots. Try different clubs and experiment with different ball flights so you can play these shots with confidence during your round.

15 minutes: Play 10 wedge shots each to 50, 75 and 100 metres. Again, use different lofts and vary the ball flight according to what you will face most often on the course.

30 minutes: ‘Play’ nine holes. Start with the front nine at your home course and play the 15 to 20 full-swing shots you will face when you step onto the tee. Next time you visit the range, play the back nine.

Don’t hit range balls with the misguided notion that every swing is making you better. Practise with purpose and it will translate to better scores on the golf course.

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Getty images: Richard Heathcote