Qi10 Drivers


  • The re-engineered 60X Carbon Twist Face is significantly lighter than traditional titanium faces and creates a more efficient energy transfer.
  • New supporting structure promotes faster ball speeds while also improving durability.
  • Designed for improved preservation of ball speed on off-centre shots.


  • The new Infinity Carbon Crown covers 97 percent of the total crown area, freeing up additional mass to optimise CG location and improved forgiveness.
  • Provides a clean address view with enhanced alignment thanks to the high contrast topline embedded in the 60X Carbon Twist Face.

RRP: Qi10 LS from $1,119; Qi10 & Qi10 Max from $1,019

Qi10 Fairway 

Perfect Blend of Distance and Forgiveness

The most widely used version on tour and among amateurs, the Qi10 Fairway is the perfect blend of distance and forgiveness, while the precision CG location delivers a combo of high launch and low spin. The Qi10 Fairway incorporates proven TaylorMade technologies such as the Thru-Slot Speed Pocket™ and laser etched topline. Respectively, these features boost speed on low face shots and promote consistently accurate alignment. Continuing the legacy of V Steel™ technology, the Qi10 Fairway’s sole design improves turf interaction and versatility.

RRP: Qi10 Tour from $739; Qi10 & Qi10 Max from $599

Qi10 Rescue Family

The Qi10 family of Rescue™ clubs is headlined by the all-new Carbon Crown in the Qi10 and Qi10 Max models, which frees up mass for optimal weight distribution and forgiveness. Each Rescue features a different shape with the oversized Qi10 Max, classic Qi10 and compact Qi10 Tour.

The entire Qi10 Rescue family features Thru-Slot Speed Pocket to optimise speed on low face hits and Twist Face corrective face angles designed to overcome inherent golfer tendencies on mis-hits to produce straighter shots.

RRP: Qi10 Tour from $539; Qi10 & Qi10 Max from $499

Qi Irons

Comprehensive Technologies | Integrated System Design

With Qi Irons, TaylorMade debuts its new Integrated System Design – a suite of technologies aimed at optimizing each individual iron head. The advantage of our system lies in the ability to facilitate communication among key technologies throughout the engineering process.

This is crucial because the face design, Speed Pocket functionality and mass distribution are intricately interconnected, collectively influencing ball speeds, launch angles and spin rates.

RRP: $269 (steel); $299 (graphite) per iron

PSeries Irons

P7MC and P7MB

  • Compact grain forged with 2,000 tonnes of pressure
  • Redefined shaping inspired by the world’s best players.
  • Classic meets contemporary design language


  • Forged hollow body with Thru Slot Speed Pocket
  • Flighted CG design with lowest CG in the longest irons
  • Speed Foam Air delivers forged feel with lower CG


  • Forged hollow body designed with FLTD CG
  • Mass optimisation for improved stability and forgiveness
  • Speed Foam Air for premium feel

RRP: $339 (steel); $369 (graphite) per iron


  • Spin Tread Groove – Deep laser etching between the grooves provides a channel for the water to escape upon impact, maintaining spin in wet conditions 
  • Increased flange thickness – New design offers improved sound and feel on shots struck across the face
  • Raw face – Raw surface works in conjunction with new spin tread grooves to provide best spin properties in wet conditions 
  • Machined sole – Fully machined sole ensures exact grind and bounce geometry every time. 
  • Tour-inspired shaping – Reshaped top line, leading edge and hosel blend to create a smoother fuller look for improved shot-making. 

RRP: $309 ($349 for TW Grind)

Hi Toe 3 

  • Hi-Toe design for lower launch – The Hi-Toe design is taller in the toe area (66mm) and is engineered to create better spin and launch results.
  • Full-length scoring lines for added spin – Full-length scoring lines with the mid-to-higher lofts improve spin around the green when the face is rotated open on shorter shots.
  • Raised RAW micro-ribs – Milled ribs positioned between the full grooves add texture to the face and are designed for increased spin and improved performance on partial shots around the green. The larger ZTP RAW grooves feature radii further engineered for optimal spin in various conditions.

RRP: $269

Spider Tour 

  • THIN WALL UNDERCUT CONSTRUCTION: Super stable structure by removing excess weight to create high MOI and legendary Spider performance.
  • STEEL WIREFRAME: Allows engineers to better control weight distribution and CG location.
  • HYBRAR ECHO® DAMPENER: HYBRAR is behind the face to dampen unwanted vibrations, delivering premium sound and feel on every putt with the best possible sensation.
  • TSS WEIGHTING: TSS weights provide balanced weighting and help optimize performance for all various putter lengths.
  • TRUE PATH™ ALIGNMENT: The patented alignment system provides visual clarity and helps golfers better envision the line to the hole.
  • WHITE TPU PURE ROLL™ INSERT: white TPU Pure Roll™ insert creates a softer feel. Grooves are angled at 45 degrees to encourage optimal forward roll as well as better sound, feel and overall roll characteristics. 

RRP: $549

TP Reserve

  • FINE MILLED PUTTERS: Machine milling creates the best details and elevates the putter’s overall character.
  • MACHINED IN GROOVE: Machined milled grooves on the face reduce surface area impacting the ball, for a softer feel and
    crisp sound.
  • REFINED TOP LINES AND PROFILES: TP Reserve features refinements to top line thickness face heights,blade lengths and radius shaping for premium styling and Tour inspired details.
  • 303 SOLID STAINLESS STEEL: Designed and machined with soft 303 stainless steel for sound and feel.

RRP: $649

TP Black

  • 303 stainless steel delivers superior feel and artisan aesthetics.
  • Machine Milling – Flowing line with natural curvatures offer an exceptional look worthy of admiration.
  • Pure roll insert used in Spider X features grooves at a downward 450 angle, designed to optimise roll characteristics.

RRP: $359


  • New Speed Wrapped core – A new softer sound while promoting faster design.
  • New 5-layer progressive construction – Our largest speed gradient optimises spin separation between driver/long iron (low spin) and wedges (high spin).
  • New white-on-white and yellow-on-yellow cover design – New coloured urethanes designed to match paint colours for enhanced durability perception. 
  • TP5 – Our softest five-layer tour ball; TP5x – Our fastest five-layer tour ball.
  • TP5/TP5x Pix – NEW CLEARPATH ALIGNMENT™ – Longer centre line and additional colour contrast are designed to give the golfer easier alignment and better feedback compared to prior designs.

RRP: $84.99

Tour Response 

  • 100 percent urethane cover – Urethane, a stronger, softer material than ionomer, interacts with the club grooves to optimise spin and control, specifically around the greens.
  • Speed construction – Upgraded HFM Speedmantle™ and Tour Flight dimple pattern are designed to optimise aerodynamics, lift and ball speed.
  • Soft feel – Low, 40 compression core and soft urethane cover result in a total ball compression of 70.
  • Tour Response Stripe – 360° CLEARPATH ALIGNMENT – Better visibility and easier alignment section – unique multi-colour stand-out design.  

RRP: White/Yellow: $59.99; Stripe: $64.99

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