Fat Plate 

FatPlate improves your strike so you hit more greens! Allows you to focus on pure ball striking. Precise ball positioning guides give the correct angle of attack. Highlights heavy strikes on a range mat, that would otherwise go unnoticed. Perfect for practising on a range mat and on natural grass, where FatPlate also gives instant path, length and depth feedback of your divots. FatPlate helps you to bring your strike-point closer to the ball, giving you the crucial ‘ball then turf’ strike. 

RRP:  $119.95

PuttAIM Laser Training Aid

Make better putts! Improve alignment and path, and increase accuracy, consistency and confidence. PuttAIM Golf is a golf putting aid that uses laser technology to help you improve your game. This device works to ensure your putts are aligned properly and on track, making sure your strokes are optimised. Can be used anywhere, indoors or outside. Solid metal construction with state-of-the-art laser. Includes a waterproof carry case, spare battery, charger and ball marker. 

RRP:  $249.95

Downshift Board 

Create effortless power by shifting pressure and weight at the correct time with the Downshift Board. See your pressure and weight shift instead of guessing. Knowing if and when you shift is critical to using the powerful clean strikes that utilise linear forces. Improper sequencing does not allow for an efficient strike on the ball. Using the Downshift Board teaches you to start the swing from the ground up to allow for a better power. 

RRP:  $169.95

Divot Board 

Understanding your divot is crucial for identifying swing flaws. The Divot Board helps you read your divot and make necessary corrections. With real-time data and analysis, you can make on-the-spot adjustments to your swing, ensuring more accurate and powerful shots. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, the Divot Board is compact and portable. Take your practice wherever you go. Crafted with high quality materials, the Divot Board is built to withstand rigorous practice sessions, ensuring longevity and reliable performance. 

RRP:  $199.95


PuttPlate improves your stroke so you hole more putts! PuttPlate, Mirror Insert and MirrorBar help with all aspects of head, body and club alignment during setup and also helps to monitor and reduce any excessive or unwanted movement during the putting stroke, every single time. Work on impact, start line, backswing and through-swing. Ball and club both sit on the putting surface.

RRP:  $159.95

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