MGI Ai Navigator GPS+

The MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ also comes with MGI’s globally renowned fully directional handheld remote control which can be used from more than 100 metres away allowing you to walk the course with ease. With MGI’s patented gyroscope straight tracker technology your MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ will stay on track across any terrain.

Play golf with empowered intelligence, using this revolutionary electric golf buggy! With brand new technology and a strikingly modern design, the MGI Ai Navigator GPS+ is designed with an integrated GPS system built into a super responsive high-resolution four-inch, full colour all-weather touchscreen display which will connect you to more than 40,000 courses worldwide.

 The integrated high performance GPS system delivers fast and accurate distances to all parts of the course. This clear view of the hole will be further enhanced by the complimentary interactive MGI App. The App comes with maps, scoring and can be your MGI Sureshot handheld device which can be taken anywhere. When connected via Bluetooth you will receive notifications from your phone onto you Ai Navigator GPS+ screen, giving alerts to SMS, e-mails and incoming calls.

RRP: $2,699

MGI Zip Navigator AT 30th Anniversary 

We are excited to announce the release of the Limited Edition MGI Zip Navigator AT 30th Anniversary. A fresh new look showcasing a seductive harlequin coloured frame, complimented by a striking gloss top box, chassis cover and battery, finished off with some impressive new wheels! Other upgrades include a newly designed screen, a wider range of speed options and a new lithium battery. Perfect for the modern golfer.

It will also include our top selling accessories; umbrella holder and drink holder for your convenience. Plus you will also receive a set of black wheel inserts to customise the look. There will only be 1,000 available of this Limited Edition Navigator AT in Australia.

The performance of the Nav AT is still unparalleled, with our patented Gyro technology and is jam packed with our iconic MGI features for conquering the toughest golf courses. Designed with independent swivelling front wheels for added strength and stability, the Nav AT incorporates a full directional remote control, allowing you to effortlessly walk free and play hard. On even the most rugged and hilly courses, watch while your buggy traverses the landscape with conviction using the Patented gyroscope Straight Tracker technology. Now you have no boundaries, no excuses.

Only 1,000 have been produced, so don’t miss out!

RRP: $2,549

MGI Zip Navigator X5

We are excited to announce the release of the new model MGI Zip X5. Showcasing a captivating matte black gloss coloured frame, complimented by a striking black gloss top box, chassis cover and battery finished off with some fantastic new wheels!

The performance of this X5 is still unparalleled and is jam packed with our iconic MGI features and is perfect for the modern golfer. With downhill speed control which creates an effortless, weightless walk while maintaining your desired speed on all downhill terrain. Such a feature allows the golfer to focus only on the next shot, leading to lower scores and increased satisfaction. It also comes with an electronic park brake, so you can park on any terrain by activating the electronic brake at the press of a button. Also included is a Controlled Distance Function enabling the setting of a desired distance and the buggy will stop on demand. This making every course an even and level playing field with the ultra-modern Zip X5.

RRP: $1,699

Sureshot Pinloc 6000iPSM Rangefinder

Featuring Slope, Pulse and Intelligent technology, the powerful Sureshot Pinloc 6000iPSM laser rangefinder is the most advanced member of the Sureshot Pinloc family. Featuring a magnetic casing, this laser rangefinder is designed to attach to a cart or buggy frame for quick, repeat access. With water and shock resistance, the Pinloc 6000iPSM can withstand all conditions on the course. The Pinloc 6000iPSM features Pulse technology that once locked onto your desired target will emit a reassuring vibration to ensure you’ve measured the right distance. This Sureshot rangefinder also has a Slope feature that compensates and adjusts the measured distance based on the angle of incline or decline you’re on, giving you the most accurate distance possible to your target.

  • Laser holds an internal magnet, that makes it easy to connect to any metal surface
  • Slope compensates and adjusts the measured distance based on the slope of the terrain. Can be switched on/off.
  • Features pulse technology
  • Pinpoint accuracy to one decimal place
  • New and improved long life CR2 3V lithium battery.
  • Sureshot’s fastest optics and target recognition software to date.
  • Receive real-time distances as you scan the terrain and horizon.
  • Pinloc features that once locked onto target, the distance is displayed on screen for 15 seconds
  • Priority loc ignores background images and will prioritise focal points
  • Magnification features objects appear six times closer for a clearer and more precise view
  • Lightweight and designed to fit the contour of your hand for control
  • Built to last with shock and water resistance for all conditions

RRP: $429

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