TB-5 Forged Iron

The TB-5 Forged iron offers beauty and forgiveness. The “Theatre” blade structure creates both soft feel and ease of use. Even though it looks like it would be suited to a more advanced golfer, the TB-5 is truly a forgiving forged iron to be enjoyed by all golfers.

RRP: $339.95 per club

RM-α Forged Wedge

Developed in pursuit of usability.  The RM-α Forged wedge provides amateurs who have not fully mastered their short games, a professional looking wedge to help get up and down in any situation. The new Reverse Taper Blade Design combined with an evolved “D-Step Blade” shape allows for spin performance to be stabilised even on off-centre hits.

RRP: $339.95 per club

Gelong D UX-002 Utility

Ultimate shot accuracy for longer approach shots is provided by the Gelong D UX-002 utility. Designed with a centre of gravity that achieves a high launch angle, players can aim for the pin with maximum confidence. An optimal MOI (Moment of Inertia) allows for straight shots even on off-centre strikes and a specially designed sole makes the UX-002 a great option no matter what the lie. RRP: $549

DJ-6 Forged Wedge

For the DJ-6 wedge, Fourteen Golf pursued developing a forgiving wedge without compromise. The Neo-Canyon sole of the DJ-6 wedge helps to minimise duffed shots while a new high-spin mirror forged face suppresses deterioration in spin and delivers stable spin performance for shots out of the rough or in wet conditions. RRP: $339.95

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