The days are getting longer, the nights are getting warmer. Winter hibernation is finally coming to an end.

Perfect spring days are pure heaven on the golf course, ahead of the burst of heat that heralds the arrival of summer golf and an uptick in social festivities.

GolfBox’s spring-summer apparel collection will have you teeming with style on the course and receiving nods of approval when you’re engaged elsewhere.

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At its core, Travis Mathew is designed by golfers for golfers, yet there’s an intrinsic enthusiasm about the brand that makes it popular far beyond just the fairways and greens. Fun and approachable, Travis Mathew is made for life both on and off the golf course.


There isn’t much a polo can’t do. Dress it up to impress, dress it down to relax. Tuck it in for work, unfurl it for cabana-like comfort. 

For its sheer versatility, a smart-looking fitted polo is an essential wardrobe item.

And few are as versatile as the svelte Travis Mathew Sea Journey Polo.

Its stretchy, quick-drying and hard-wearing fabric offers performance in a golfing context, with manoeuvrability and comfort at the top of the priority list. 

But the Sea Journey’s low-key floral print and muted Ash Blue hue gently hints at fun, for when the good times inevitably come calling.


If you’re over trucker’s hats, you’ll be able to impress the hell out of everyone with this Travis Mathew fabric cap.

The River Cruise Snapback Hat will top off your look whether you’re on the tee, cruising the waterways or just trying to keep the sun from searing your facial features during the intense Australian summer.


They say a simple cotton T-Shirt is your ticket to weekend frivolities.

But what if your perfect weekend involves lounging around and generally fighting the urge to do anything? Is that really a weekend? Or is it just a day in your life you’ll never get back?

Whether it’s a lazy weekend or a hectically social one, the Carnation Coral Tee has got your back.


Cam Smith might be the most immediately recognisable Penguin ambassador but even he couldn’t usurp Polar Pete on the brand’s latest printed polo.

Golf-loving penguin Polar Pete takes centre stage along with some of his ice cap buddies — a Polar Bear and Narwhal — in what can best be described as one of Penguin’s finest, and arguably boldest, prints in recent memory.

Made from 44 per cent recycled polyester, the durable and fashionable polo is breathable, and a relaxed cut makes it a compatible companion for a laid-back round.


For those sweaty days on the course when your feet feel a little clammy, adidas have devised a clever solution.

They’ve created the most breathable golf shoes in the game: the adidas ZG23 Vent.

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