Srixon ZX MkII

ZX MkII irons are a culmination of fast and pure. A pure feeling at impact, for pure strikes, and a pure sound. With tech-driven ball speed in every number, energising
every shot.

ZX7 Mk II irons – $239 (steel) / $269 (graphite)

ZX5 Mk II irons – $239 (steel) / $269 (graphite)

ZX4 Mk II irons – $239 (steel) / $269 (graphite)

ZX Mk II utility irons – $339 (steel) / $369 (graphite) 

ZX MkII woods give you more power where it counts – at impact. A stronger rebound frame design with dual flex zones delivers pure energy transfer from club face through the ball, enhancing distance on every shot.

ZX MkII drivers – $749; ZX MkII fairway woods – $499; ZX MkII hybrids $399

Srixon Z-Star 8 Series

Enjoy exceptional feel while maximising your greenside spin. Choose Z-Star if finesse around the greens and pinpoint approach shots are your keys to recording low scores. Colours: White and Yellow.

SRP: $69.95

Srixon Z-Star XV 

Push your towering drives to the limit and enjoy plenty of greenside control with Z-Star XV— Srixon’s best distance performer in the tour ball category. If all your birdies begin with a colossal tee shot, then Z-Star XV is designed for you. Colours: White and Yellow.

SRP: $69.95 

Z-Star Diamond

Z-Star Diamond is the ultimate mix of greenside control, superior approach shot spin, and long-game distance. If you’re looking to hold the green from anywhere on the course, Z-Star Diamond is your ball of choice. Colour: White.

SRP: $69.95

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