The Rapsodo MLM2Pro is here and is only $1,099 (RRP)

The talk of entire the 2023 PGA Show in Orlando, Florida was the Rapsodo MLM2Pro.

The growth within the personal launch monitor space in the past few years has been extraordinary and the team at Rapsodo have certainly taken it to a new level with the MLM2Pro. It is also the official launch monitor of the 2023 Australian Golf Digest Hot List and you will soon see why!

The Rapsodo MLM2Pro comes packed with features including:

– iOS and Android integration

– Dual Optical Camera Vision combines two high speed cameras along with radar technology to monitor your swing 

– Adds golf simulation with 30,000 courses, virtual driving range and third-party simulation software compatible

– Adds spin rate, spin axis and descent angle

– Video analysis and data visualisation

– A dedicated app

– Comes with special Callaway golf balls for precise spin measurement 

– Unlike the first Rapsodo No longer have to use with your phone and use up its battery

– User friendly and can be set up in minutes!

– One year’s premium membership (valued at $199) is included in the price

13 measure and calculated metrics including:

• Spin Rate

• Spin Axis

• Ball Speed

• Club Speed

• Launch Angle

• Launch Direction

Calculated data points on this Rapsodo:

• Carry Distance

• Total Distance

• Descent Angle

• Apex

• Shot Type

• Side Carry

• Smash Fact

To be one of the first to own the most-talked about product in golf, pre-order yours now at