GForce Swing Trainers 

Gain more distance and fix all your swing faults with the only R&A and USGA-approved, hittable swing trainer in golf 

Improve your swing path, release, rhythm, tempo and ball-striking with the new GForce Swing Trainers, available in Australia. 

Take full advantage of the online PGA training and support so you can quickly progress your game. Trusted on the PGA Tour since 2016, used by world renowned coach Pete Cowen, world No.1 Rory McIlroy and Minjee Lee.  

Following the success of the original GForce Swing Trainers, Stuart Small, GForce Inventor and PGA coach redesigned and launched the latest GForce ‘NXT-GEN’ models. Feedback from tour players is that NXT-GEN look, feel, weigh and perform the same as a regular golf club. 

With the new USGA-conforming grooves, the ball reacts and spins exactly the same as a regular club so swing learnings from the flexible GForce shaft can be quickly calibrated back to your regular club. The GForce Super Flexible Shaft develops an efficient swing and identifies faults such as swing path issues, too quick takeaway and poor release via feedback from the shaft flex and ball flight. The GForce forces you to automatically sequence swinging a golf club correctly and without thinking about it!

And the results have been incredible. GForce has helped thousands of golfers around the world shave strokes off their game, including Sam Choi, who went from not being able to break 100 and playing off 29 to now carrying the ball 50 metres further and holding down a 14-handicap. 

“GForce has absolutely changed my game,” Choi says. “I’m a better ball-striker. My carry went from 120 to 176 and I’ve gained three clubs more in distance.” 

Such success stories only re-affirm Small’s theory that putting the feel and onus back on the golfer to understand what they’re doing wrong, is the only way to overcome critical swing faults. 

“Tempo and transition are the hidden secrets to unlocking your swing’s potential and nobody is talking about it or teaching it? Why? Because you can’t teach it,” Small says. “It comes from within, you have to find and feel it yourself. That’s why I invented GForce Swing Trainers, so you can learn to be your own expert.” 

Adds McIlroy’s former coach Pete Cowen: “Getting the GForce Swing Trainer into the delivery position correctly is the key to its use. The correct loading and unloading of the GForce shaft makes it easy to understand what’s required. Since Rory McIlroy started using GForce he is playing more consistently and with more control in his ball flight.” 


GForce can supply a 7-iron, wedge, driver, driver shaft and putter via their stocked Aussie warehouse.


The GForce Swing Trainers are USGA-legal for tournament play, so you can use them out on course, even during competition. What’s more, they look like a normal club, making the transition into your bag easy.

RRP: $179


✅ If you’re swinging it correctly, you can feel the weight of the clubhead loading the shaft at the top of the swing. On the release the shaft will unload and the clubface will square up to the ball and it will fly straight and long.

❌ If you’re swinging it incorrectly, the shaft will bend excessively, feel jerky and unbalanced, and the clubface will be open, resulting in the ball not travelling far or straight.

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