Golf Month

Big Hole Golf

Big Hole Golf is a great way to make the game quicker, easier and more fun. It’s addressing three of the biggest barriers to participation in our sport and enabling new players to grasp the game with enjoyment.

Eight-inch cups and a simplified mode of play called fastball are proving hugely helpful in converting new players into regular golfers.

More than 120 clubs in Australia and 300 clubs worldwide own a Big Hole Golf kit, so jump on board. Find out more:

Contact: Murray Blair, 0401 299 447 or e-mail [email protected]


Speedgolf is simply golf played at a faster pace; it’s a fun, fast, fitness-oriented version of the traditional game – how fast you play is up to you.

In Speedgolf, players keep track of two numbers – golf score and elapsed time – so the challenge is to balance pace and accuracy to produce the lowest possible combined total (your Speedgolf score).

Clubs and facilities across the country are starting to get more Speedgolf friendly and are making use of it as a bottom-line booster without disrupting members or operations.

Find out more:

Contact: Virginia Deigan, 0438 528 922 or e-mail [email protected]


Footgolf combines the popular sports of football (soccer) and golf and is endorsed by Golf Australia and the Football Federation of Australia.

The rules largely correspond to those of golf, but the game is played with a regulation-sized football, which you kick towards the target, and the holes are 52 centimetres in diameter.

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Contact: Leonardo Fernandez, 0425 806 917 or e-mail [email protected]

Disc Golf

Formalised in the 1970s, disc golf is also played much like traditional golf. However, players throw specialty golf discs (drivers, midrange, putters) from a tee area into an elevated target basket. With more than 7,000 courses in more than 30 countries, disc golf is growing fast. It’s an exciting lifetime sport, perfectly suited for people of all ages and abilities. With accredited design services available, clubs and facilities can easily incorporate disc golf as part of their consumer offerings. A trial course can be set up at your club or facility to host a come-and-try activity as part of Golf Month.

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Contact: Andrew Ferguson, 0412 461 540 or e-mail [email protected]

Golf Month